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[firstname] welcome to Video Spinner!

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Video Spinner
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Updated to allow spin ready text in the ‘text-to-speech’ engine form.

Download the script file above to your hard drive, double click to extract the zip file.

Using your FTP program upload the files to your hosting account. Upload it to a folder to keep the script files separate.

Navigate to the ‘videospinner.php’ file. All instructions, videos and spinner script are located there.

If you need any help please review the help videos (located on the script page), leave a comment below or visit our helpdesk.

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Video Spinning Tips

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Here are some tips to creating great videos with the Video Spinner:

  • Use high resolution photos or images. Lower resolution images become grainy when they are converted. At least 640 x 480 or larger.
  • Delay the text to speech about 8 seconds. This gives a nice introduction period before the speaking starts.
  • When using the text-to-speech engine, spell out any numbers (5 would be five), add commas where you’d like the voice to pause, spell out website names (w w w dot yourdomain dot com) and don’t use complicated names or words.
  • Select a background audio volume of 3 for a good balance between background music and the text speech.
  • Add bumper text – the text at the beginning and end of the video – if you are using the video for a local business, realtor, etc. Field one is good for an address, field two for a name/contact and three for a company name or phone.
  • Footer text becomes smaller as you add more text, so play around with the number of words, text to get the best size. I’ve found that adding a website address with the www normally makes a good sized footer, or a ‘Call Us At: (111) 123-4567’ fits well also.
  • You can also add videos to the image list, so you can have both pictures and videos playing throughout your completed video. Shorter videos work better, but test any length. Use MP4 video format.
  • If you need more ideas for good photos, try Stock.Xchg for free stock photography, Flickr (those marked as public domain) or Public Domain Pictures.
  • Use DropBox, one of the videos goes over more details. It’s a great way to keep your audio, images and videos handy to generate videos quickly by just dropping them into your public dropbox folder.
  • Make sure your webhost is running PHP 5

You can modify any of the above suggestions to meet your needs. And most of all, enjoy!

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